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un·der·dog - a person who has little status in society.

Underdog Music is catalyst music; a social report & soundtrack on the
movement o’ the masses. The term “underdog” is a euphemism for the
masses… as the relations between the many and a few reach the tipping
point, many are met with the reality that all we have left in our power is the
power to resist itself; how you ask? In any way… every day. When the little
guy in the story defeats the giant, (s)he uses sticks, stones… the power o’
the pen. Swords and magic wands are symbolic to the power o’
penmanship, which is (in action) knowledge, wisdom, understanding…
cause knowledge infinite; this is the formula, underdog flavored

La (underdog music): is the author, lyricist, and narrator of Underdog
Music, which started as a series of project collaborations between
Knowledge of Self Productions and other artists (Rod “Nice” Morgan of
Original Heads, Pak-Ten, & Bapnotes, Will Prince of Original Heads,
Remedy Int’l., and Chris Wind of Pak-Ten, Knowledge of Self Productions,
& Bapnotes).

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A collection FABC (FLIP A BEAT CLUB) beat makers from who have collborated to make beat-tapes

DMKTZ Lastest Album

Versions features production by
dirtyMumbles (UK/LA/Sac)
Mon$rock (Woodland/Sac)
Bap Notes (Sac)

Coldtwelvers & WildStylesMusic collbaoration. 

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